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Project Summary

The aim of our organization is to build peace in the country and Africa. This we want to do through youth development, peace education, promotion human right and health.

We also seek to give proper

information to people that would enable them make peaceful and healthy decisions for themselves, their families, nations and continent.

The Centre has therefore designed this project ‘Health Mission Project’ to complement the efforts of the Ghana government and other organizations in the health sector of Ghana. The project would be extended to other parts of Africa in the future.

We will be working with the local communities and schools, the District Assembly, Medical Students Associations, Optometry Students, private and public health centers on the project.

The project would tap resources of volunteers (BSc, BA, Diploma completed or pursuing - public health, doctor of optometry, rural development, nursing and community health, peace & conflicts studies, sociology, political studies, community development studies eye & breast specialists) to educate the rural inhabitants on how:

  1. To prevent the spread of water borne diseases and improve sanitation
  2. The rural inhabitants should use local herbal medicine as a ‘first aims’ under a hygienic condition.
  3. Diagnose and provide basic medicine for the rural dwellers 
  4. Students and pupils in the communities on self maintenance especially in the adolescents
Volunteers doctors would also be posted to deprived community health centres to provide health service.

Description of Activities

  • Community mass public education of health, Water & sanitation issues
  • Schools pupils health and self maintenance issues
  • Massive clean-up exercise with the involvement of volunteers, schools pupils and communities folks
  • Eyes and brest screening
  • Provision of free reading glasses and basic eye care medicine
  • HIV/AIDS test
  • National Health Insurance Registration Exercise

We are looking for partners and sponsors to make this project a success. you can write to if you wish to support this project.

We are also looking for Volunteers (Local and Foreign) on the project.

If you would like to Volunteer on the project please


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"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools"- Martin Luther King Jr.

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