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My Right: My property project


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The aim of our organization is to build peace in the country and Africa. This we want to do through youth development, and promotion of rights people. We also seek to give proper information

to people that would enable them make peaceful and healthy decisions for themselves, their families, nations and continent.

The Centre has therefore designed this project ‘My Right:My Property Project ’

to complement the efforts of other organizations in promoting human rights in Ghana. The project would be extended to other parts of Africa in the future.

We will be working with the local communities and schools, the District Assembly, Human Right Organizations and Activists (both local and international), Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice in Ghana among others.

The project is in two folds:

1. Regional Workshops where representatives of academic institutions (second cycle and tertiary) would be train and resources to become effective human rights educators among their peers and in the communities as a whole.

2. Districts and Community workshops where those who participate in the regional workshop would be empowered to educate others at the district and the community levels.

The Project would tap resources of these volunteers to educate the public on:

  1. Basic knowledge of the Ghanaian constitution and how to use the constitution to solve their grievances through legal means other than resorting to violence conflicts.
  2. Basic court procedures
  3. What is right of a citizen is and is not
  4. Areas to channel their rights violation issues

Description of Activities

  • Regional, District and Community workshops
  • Mass media (TV's, Radios etc.) human right education
  • Schools to school rights education
  • Public campaigns and rights awareness walks where flyers of human rights issues would be shared

We are looking for partners and sponsors to make this project a success. you can write to or if you wish to support this project.

We are also looking for Volunteers Human Rights Activists (Local and Foreign) as Trainers or Resource Persons. Write to

NB: The project is scheduled for September-December, 2011

If you would like to Volunteer on the project please


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