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Ghana National Association of Teachers-GNAT, Volta Region
National Youth Council-Ghana


Up-Coming/On-going Projects

1. Peace Conference/Training Workshop-Mastery in Peace Education Certificate more

2. Health Missions more

3. Peace To All is a conflict resolution more

4. Farm for Peace economic reconstruction more

5. My Right: My Property Project: This is a Human Right Campaign to educate rural and slam dwellers and the general public on their basic human rights and privileges. The project involves training of volunteers on the project and rural and slam mass education. The project would give the Centre an opportunity to receive issues of human rights abuse and deal with them accordingly.

6. Peace Festival, Is to bring together people from diverse origins to display their culture and receive talks on peace and effects of conflicts. The event would include conferences, workshops, games, lectures, etc. ... read more

Completed Projects

1. Education on District Assemblies Elections more

2. RURAL PEACE PROJECT (RPP) : This is a project designed and currently being piloted in some selected rural communities in the Volta, Northern. Eastern, Upper East, Upper West Regions of Ghana.

The project aims at instilling a sense of peace building among rural inhabitants in selected rural communities whilst assisting with teaching and learning activities in Junior High and Senior High Schools in the more

3. Formation of Peace Fellowship Networks in all the tertiary and second cycle institution in Ghana and across the african continent for more

4. Community Peace Education: the project aims at educating rural inhabitants on the

5. Games for Peace: Games between sister schools, teachers, students, and communities in our operational areas. The event is to educate the youth and aged on how games can be used and a tool for peace building.

6. Catch them Young-Fresher's Peace Project: This is a programme designed to educate the new entries in all the universities and polytechnics in Ghana. Mass video of conflict situations would be shown and talks received from Directors of AFCOPB

7. Peace-Health Walk: To bring together workers, youth and aged to embark on health walk in our operational areas.

8. Volunteer Awards: Is to be awarded to best students in subject areas that our volunteers on the RPP are handling

Up-coming events

1. My Teachers Award

2. Best Volunteer Awards: Is to be awarded to best volunteer on the RPP

3. Celebration of UN International Day of Peace-September 2010





"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools."-Martin Luther King Jr
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