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  • Introduction

The Africa Peace Festival – APF is an initiative of the African Center for Peace Building (AFCOPB) which aims at building peace through culture of diplomacy.

  • Africa Peace Festival Secretariat: Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Secretariat is to promote peace building through cultural diplomacy. It strives to educate and unite through the showcase, promotion and celebration of Africa’s rich cultural heritage. 

The African Centre for Peace Building seeks is to build peace in Ghana and Africa through youth development, peace education, promotion of human rights and health. We also seek to bring public awareness that would enable people to make peaceful and healthy decisions for themselves, their families, nations and the continent.

The Africa Peace Festival Secretariat (hereinafter referred to as the Secretariat) has been established as the executive body for the Peace Festival project. The purpose of the Secretariat is to develop the concept for the project, serve as a focal point of information, manage, budget, liaise with partners, donors and key participants, delegate responsibilities to supporting staff and serve other outreach, administrative, organizational and financial tasks as needed.

The Median Edition of Africa Peace Festival (APF 2012)

The Peace Festival is the first ever initiative of its kind in Ghana and scale to be held in Accra. It is intended to be an annual event (June-July) that promotes peace-building through cultural of diplomacy. TheFestival strives to engage, educate and unite through the showcase, promotion and celebration of Africa’s rich cultural heritage. It offers a platform for young leaders, both female and male, to identify the societal roots of conflict, express opinion, overcome differences and commit to the achievement of sustainable peace in the region.

The Festival is a residential one (participants will be hosted on the University campus) and will consist of a range of indoor and outdoor events, among which: peace walk, conferences/workshops, project presentations, games for peace, debate, film screening, poetry, drama and music, cultural displays, arts exhibition and lectures among others (please refer to activities/calendar section below).

The Peace Festival is an unprecedented event that foresees the engagement of nearly 2000 participants (youth, academics, civil societies, government officials, diplomats, businesses and media across the globe.

It will, therefore, offer unparalleled level of commercial exposure (national, regional and global) for potential sponsors, partners and supporters. It is also a unique opportunity for businesses to assert their commitment to sustainable peace in Africa.

  • Project Aims and Objectives
    • - To provide as a safe, peaceful and joyful environment that allows people from different backgrounds to overcome their differences and unite for peace
  • - To bring awareness and build capacity among youth on critical peace building issues with the objective of creating future peace educators
  • - To provide a forum for the youth to showcase their ideas in solving societal problems
  • - To showcase African rich culture
  • - To promote cultural tolerance and unity in diversity as a commitment to peaceful coexistence
  • - To engage political leaders, civil society, the media and representatives of the private sector with ideas of cultural tolerance and to encourage their commitment to peace, unity and development
  • - To promote trade and development
  • Sub Events of Africa Peace Festival 2012

Event 1A: International Peace Conference on youth development and democracy

The conference is under the theme  “promoting global culture of peace in the 21st Century” 
which will provide an interactive opportunity for participants from diverse background to discuss and evaluate:

  • the state of our democracy,
  • commitment of governments to develop practical and achievable youth policies,
  • Critical insight into how the international community responses to conflict, War, and humanitarian situations: Importance of peace in today’s world
  • Promotion of Human rights: challenges and the way forward

Sub-themes of the conference:
i. developing the future non-violence democratic leaders 
ii. youth and the internet in peace building
iii. the role of women in ensuring sustainable culture of peace and democracy
iv. corporate and economic peace: what its means in the 21st century
v. achieving the MDG’s: the role of NGOs, CBO’s, Civic societies and the local communities
vi. climate change and its effect of promoting sustainable peace

Event 1B: International Peace Conference

Call for Presentation Topics for the Conference
The conference will provide an opportunity for the presentation of scholarly papers on realizing global peace, youth development, democracy, protection of human rights and poverty reduction on especially how these ideas can be localized in our communities. 
Thematic Areas include and not limited to the following:
– Peace Education: Peace education as part of the curriculum of educational institutions and peace education in institutions and to the larger public
– Youth non‐violence and leadership
– Human Rights 
– Agriculture and poverty reduction 
– Building a culture of Peace and its sustainability
Includes the role of peace councils and civil society and non‐governmental organizations 
-Cultural/Ethnic Dispute
Including chieftaincy issues and
succession, community and indigenous justice systems

Event 2: Peace Awards/ and Dinner

The Peace Awards and the Dinner will be in the evening of day two. It will present the platform for us to appreciate and honor personalities that have contributed to the achievement of global and national peace.
It will also have a fund raising section to contribute to the work of peace and development in Africa.

Event 3: Arts/Culture Exhibition                      

This section presents a holistic platform for the local industries to showcase their products.

Event 4: Peace Concert

The concert is scheduled for the evening of the day three to be held at the National Theatre where will have music, drama, comedy among others.

Event 5: Games for Peace (Africa Peace Cups)

This present a unique platform for political parties, corporate bodies, students to have difference kinds of games.
There will also be a presentation of Africa Peace Cup for the most judged peaceful teams.

Event 6: Visitation to some Tourist sites in Ghana

This event to expose to the international participants some of the tourist site in Ghana. The Festival is considering visitation to following areas:

  • Monkey Sanctuary          -      Wli Water Falls                 -      Mt. Afadzato 
  • Cakum National Park

Event 7 A: Business and NGO Executives Conference

This meeting is to provide the platform for NGO, Business and State Officials to explore areas of partnership and collaboration. It will also focus on finding practical solutions to developmental challenges in the areas of poverty reduction, Business, ICT, Agriculture, Health among others.
This section will focus on presentation from government representatives, Business, NGO and other related development agencies on possible areas for investment and   partnership.
With this we are expecting to invite embassies in Ghana to participate in this section as present possible areas of investment and partnerships in their respective countries.
Will we also fall on  the following ministries in Ghana to make these presentations:

  1. Trade and Industry:- Why Ghana is a destination for investment
  2. Tourism:- the state of Ghana’s tourism industry
  3. Energy:- the future of Ghana’s oil and gas sector
  4. Foods and Agriculture:- Ghana can be the food basket in Africa
  5. Interior:- why can is a safe place for your holistic development
  6. Climate Change and the Cooperate Africa

Event 7B: Business and NGO Executives Conference

Event 1: The second day of the BNE Conference will focus on workshop on these topics

  1. How can local NGOs become less dependent on international donors
  2. How can governments collaborate with local NGO to bring development
  3. the role of governments, Businesses, NGO and local communities in national development
  4. How can NGOs promote the businesses
  5.  Why should businesses take supporting peace initiatives as part of their business
  6. How to use the internet to good governance to boost development in Africa

Event 8: Durbar and Peace Pledge/Signing of Peace Proclamation by Political Parties

This is going to be the grand durbar where we have chief and head of states attending with heads of political parties and all flag-bearers.

There will be address from President of Ghana, and any other head of states present, President of National House of Chiefs, Chairman of the Christian Council of Churches, and the National Chief Imam.


Event 9: Peace Education Workshop

The training workshop aims at equipping the teachers; youth leaders; community leaders; NGOs leaders with peace education skills to become effective peace educators in society.
AFCOPB beliefs that there can only be a total peace one day if the younger generation are told and equipped enough with knowledge of what constitute peace. In this light they can pursue the peace building agenda.

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