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The Rural Peace Project-RPP


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Ghana National Association of Teachers-GNAT, Volta Region
National Youth Council-Ghana

Peace Fellowship Network Int.

The aim of the project is to instill a sense of peace building among rural inhabitants in selected rural districts in Ghana whilst assisting with teaching and learning activities in Junior High and Senior High Schools in the districts.

The project is currently being piloted in three schools each in the Northern and Volta Regions of Ghana. It involves forming “Peace Fellowship Networks” in targeted schools in the districts whilst assisting with teaching of various subjects and also embarking on peace campaigns in the various communities through video shows (videos on conflicts in Africa).

The project will tap the resources of undergraduate and just graduated students from various tertiary institutions in Ghana who are members of Peace Fellowship Network International (PFI) - a youth wing the African Centre for Peace Building. The students would volunteer during their vacations and the just graduated would volunteer from May to October each year whilst waiting for their National Service Posting.

Each potential volunteer is expected to successfully participate in a three-day intensive training programme at the beginning of their volunteer program. This training program will provide them with peace education skills, leadership skills. They will be equipped with effective youth and adult teaching methods to make their work effective.

The project will be implemented in five selected regions in Ghana-Northern, Upper East, Upper West, Volta and Central. These regions have a high rural population and dominated by spots of tribal conflicts.
The project will be implemented by African Centre for Peace Building (AFCOPB) with a solid project team instituted to directly oversee to the implementation. Partnership will be drawn from Regional Coordinating Councils, District Assemblies, Ghana Education Service, Security Agencies, Education Institutional Heads, Community leaders, Community Based Organizations, Faith Based Organizations, students and the community inhabitants.

Periodic evaluation will be conducted to assess the impact of the project on:

  • Helping the students volunteers to become effective peace educators
  • Assisting in teaching activities in local schools
  • Forming a youth peace fellowships in various schools
  • Embarking on community based peace education

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Voluntary Teaching Service 2010, RPP (on-going) piloted

Date Stated: May 20, 2010

Completion: August 10, 2010

As part of our plans to disseminate the massage of peace to the grassroots, a three month Voluntary Teaching Service is designed to offer academic support to our brothers and sister at the deprived basic and second cycle institutions in the Upper East, Northern and Volta Regions of Ghana. During the service, the students would also be educated on peace and embark on house to and mass peace campaign in their various communities.

The Programme Models

  • Volunteers (mainly members of Peace Fellowship Network from the KNUST) would be posted to the schools to teach in the class room during class ours as eg. Core Maths, English Teacher et
  • Aside the academic work, the volunteers would also help the students form the Peace Fellowship Network in the institutions in which they are offering the academic service.
  • Videos (eg. on Rwandan genocide, Liberian war etc) on the effects of war and violence situation would be shown in some of the evenings in the communities and the schools. This is aimed at having psychic effects on the people hence cautioning their mind to involve in wars

Operational Areas:

The project started May 20, 2010. Volunteers were drawn from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology-KNUST, University of Ghana-Legon, and University for Development Studeis-UDS who are all members Peace Fellowship Network.

Our operational area has been extended to Upper East and Eastern Regions in some selected schools.

The projects is therefore on-going in Volta, Upper, Northern, and Eastern Regions of Ghana. Thirty volunteers have so far been dispatched.

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Community Peace Education of the RPP






.Programme Director, AFCOPB making his presentation

Farmers in the Mampong Municipal and Ejura-Sekyedumase District Assemblies have been educated on how to use dialogue in resolving their conflicts. The project also aim at providing education to the farmers on how to live in peaceful coexistence with each other. They were taken through number of conflict situation that led to war and claiming lives property of people in Africa.



In the evenings videos of the wars situations were shown to them after which the video was interpreted in the Twi (indigenous). The video was to create the awareness of the effects of war and violence on the human race in the world.

In all, twelve communities (Sekruwa, Bonosu, Bosomkyekye, Aboantem, Ejura, Sekyedumase, Adujuen, Bayerenkonta, Mininaso, Woraso, Sataso, Atonsuoja) in the two districts.

The famers were also educated on HIV/AIDS.



the farmers akes questions at Bosomkyekye





"In peace sons bury fathers, but war violates the order of nature, and fathers bury sons." - Herodotus

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