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Rural Peace Project


The 'Shareholders for Peace' is a non profit fund raising programme that seeks donation from individuals, groups, companies, government and NGOs who wishes to contribute their quota towards our upcoming Africa Peace Festival schudeled for June 30-July 7, 2012, in Accra Ghana.

You can buy a minimum of one (1) share which is equivalent to USD10.00. Buying a 'share' means you are donating to support the festival.

You can become a "Shareholder for Peace" by donating as little as $10 toward the festival. Are you interested in becoming a shareholder for peace or do you know someone or company that we can talk to?

Why Should I become a 'Shareholder for Peace' by donating?

1. Becoming a shareholder, you are contributing 'towards making Africa, a continent of peace and development and not a continent of war and poverty'-Dr. Raphael Ogar Oko.

2. During the festival, we will produce a handbook of shareholders for peace, listing all the contributors and amount and same will be done on our website and other publications.

3. This is the maiden edition of the African Peace Festival, and support it means you have become one of the pioniers of the Africa Peace Festival

How do I buy the Shares?

you will file the below form online and pay the money into our accounts.

Account Number: 60 102 22 676
Account Name: African Centre for Peace Building
Bank: Zenith Bank Ghana Limited
Branch: Accra Ghana

for International Payments, click here for the Swift codes

for any enquiry contact

You can also make the donation at our office:

Plot 113, Blk 5, Adj Africa Inter. Collage, SDA Junction, Adenta-Accra

If you are in Nigeria and wishes to pay into our Collaborative Partner's accout, contact

Global Educators for All Initiative,
Suite 7, 3rd Floor, Standard Plaza,
Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2,
Abuja, Nigeria

Buy your shares now click here



African Centre for Peace Building, Ghana and Global Educators for All Initiatives, Nigeria

In collaboration with:

Ministry of Tourism-Ghana, National Youth Authority-Ghana, Musician Union of Ghana, Metissia Art-Germany, Millennium Development Ambassadors-Nigeria, Voice of Teachers-Nigeria

Supporting Bodies:


  1. Savana Signatures
  2. West Africa Centre for Peace Foundation
  3. Leanon Foundation
  4. Bawku Peace Ambassadors


  1. Global Community Peace Network
  2. Launch Out Foundation


  1. Friendes Festival e.v


  1. Centre for Partnership and Civic Engagement


  1. The Love Foundation


1. Centre for Community Dialogue and Dev.


All you need to know about the African Centre for Peace Building

The African Centre for Peace Building (AFCOPB) is a non-governmental organization based in Ghana. The aim of this organization is to build peace in the country and Africa through provision of proper information, education and opportunity that will enable people to make decisive decisions for their lives. This we are doing through conflict prevention and resolution; peace education; youth development; promotion of human right, education, health, sanitation and environmental; and poverty alleviation.

Peace Fellowship Networks/Peace Clubs as established by the AFCOPB

PFNs/PCs is a youth wings of AFCOPB established in tertiary education institution (Peace Fellowship Network) and Senior High, Junior High, Basic schools (Peace Clubs) which aims at bringing together the young people’s youthful energies to champion the course of peace building instead of fronting violence and destruction. The wing is currently being instituted in all tertiary and second cycle school in Ghana and we currently have 1,523 registered members.

Our Legal Status and Membership

We are registered with the:

  1. Registrar General Department of Ghana as NGO,
  2. National Youth Council as Youth Development Organization,
  3. an NGO Participant of the United Nation Global Compact,
  4. Member of the United Nation Online Volunteering Services.
  5. Endorsed by Ghana Education Services through Ministry of Education-Ghana to training Teachers in peace education and post volunteers to embark on peace education programmes in schools

Our Vision: To champion the development of sustainable peace across the African continent through education, youth development and community development project.

Our Mission: Instilling the culture of peace among the people of Africa.

Our Objectives:

  • Building a sustainable peace in Ghana and Africa through conflict prevention, analysis, resolution and management
  • Youth development through mobilizing the youth’s youthful energies to champion peace building and national development (volunteerism and capacity building) instead of fronting violence and war.
  • Human right advocacy through basic human right campaigns and provision of legal aid to the vulnerable
  • Educational Development through provision of volunteers teachers to assist in teaching in deprived schools in Ghana
  • Health and Environmental campaigns
  • Agriculture Development and Poverty reduction


Name of Institution

Name of Project


Global Educator For All Initiative, Nigeria

  1. West Africa Millennium Development Ambassadors Summit 2011, July 28-29, 2011
  2. Peace Conference and Peace Education Training Workshop 2011, July 30-31, 2011

LILITAN Research and Consultancy, Accra

  1. Students Development Seminar –March 19, 2011

National Commission for Civic Education-Ho

  1. District Assembly Elections Education, December 22, 2010
  1. National Youth Council
  2. Ghana National Association of Teachers-Volta Region
  3. Lean-on Foundation
  1. Rural Peace Project-May 20 to August 8, 2010
ADPL Kwabre East and Ejura Farm for Peace Project


Plant A Seed ProjectPlant A Seed Project /Rural Peace Project 2011

The Rural Peace Project aims at instilling the culture of peace among the younger generation while assisting with class room teaching and learning activities in rural schools was piloted between May 20-August 8, 2010.
The project placed 33 local volunteers in 19 rural schools in the Upper East, Upper West, Northern and Volta Regions of Ghana have received its first International Volunteer. The Volunteer undertook her service at the Drifting Angels Orphanage at Tsito in the Volta Region.


Peace Education WorkshopPeace Education Training Workshop, July 30-31, 2011

A two day Peace Education Workshop was followed by a Peace Conference. The workshop aimed at equipping participants to become effective peace educators.  
AFCOPB with endorsement by The Ghana Education Services-GES and with support from The Global Educators for All Initiatives-Nigeria organized a two day professional peace education training workshop for teachers, staff of NGOs, youth, religious and communities leaders. The workshop was held at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana. All the sixty (60) participants were under the scholarship which cover the cost of the workshop.


Peace Conference 2011Peace Conference 2011, June 30

Peace Conference was organized on a theme ‘promoting global peace: the role of teachers, youth and institutions’. The conference was held at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana and drew hundred (100) participants (Legal practitioners, Teachers, administrator, Staff of NGOs, Students among others) from Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Cameroon, and UK. The conference discussion focused on the current conflict situations in West Africa taking Ivory Coast and Nigeria post electoral conflict as a case studies. All the participants attended the conference on scholarship sponsored by the Global Educators for All Initiatives-Nigeria.


West Africa MDGs Ambassadors' SummitWest Africa Millennium Development Ambassadors Summit, July 28-29, 2011

The summit which drew 130 participants from Ghana, Nigeria, Liberia, Cameroon, and UK  was under the theme  “MDGs 2011 – 2015: An Exposition of Sustainable Strategies for Building a Culture of Peace and Implementing the United Nations Global Millennium Development Goals in Local Communities in West Africa”
It was aimed at providing an interactive opportunity for the stakeholders from diverse background to discuss the United Nations MDGs as well as issues related to building a culture of peace in order to inspire further commitment to ongoing discussions and efforts toward the realization of the MDGs by 2015 in West Africa.
The summit provided an opportunity for presentation of scholarly papers on the Millennium Development Goals and the utilization of the goals as the framework for the much desired West Africa Local Communities Development Goals (2011 – 2015), which will be replicated at the levels of communities in each of the countries of West Africa.
MDGs Ambassadors' AwardThe summit also presented an International Mandate for Development 2011 - 2015 to 15 personalities from the West Africa as Millennium Development Ambassadors for their contributions and commitment to the realization of the MDGs in West Africa. In Ghana, Prof. Ernest Aryeetey-Vice Chancellor of University of Ghana; Dr. Vladimir Antwi-Danso-Senior Research Fellow of the Legon Centre for International Affairs and Diplomacy, UG; Most Rev. Francis Lodonu-Bishop of Ho Diocese received this award.


Web for Peace Project-designing website for organizations:-

Web for Peace,,,, (all in Ghana), (Kenya), (Haiti), (Sierra Leone), (Ghana)



Students Development SeminarStudent Development Seminar, Ho Polytechnic, March 19, 2011

As part of our commitments to developing students, AFCOPB in partnership with LILITAN Research and Consultancy in Collaboration with Students Representative Council-SRC of Ho Polytechnic (Ho Poly) organized a Training Workshop for final year students on dissertation writing.
The seminar aims at equipping students with effective research and data analysis skills; presentation at project defense among others.


District Assembly Elections Education-Free and Fair Project, December 22, 2010

The National Commission for Civic Education, NCCE (Ho Municipality) and The African Centre for Peace Building-AFCOPB on December 22, 2010 engaged members of Peace and Civic Education Clubs of St. Prosper's College-Ho to stage a drama/play to educate people of Avenui (one of the newly created electoral areas in the Ho Municipal Assembly) on the need for the District Assemblies and the Unite Committee Elections.


Health Missions Project (October 2-4, 2010)

The project was piloted at Ho where students were engaged in clean-up exercises. The project also provided some adolescent health education in the basic schools.


Catch them Young-Fresher's Peace Project: 15-29, August 2010.

This was a programme designed to educate the new entries in all the universities (KNUST) in Ghana. Mass video of conflict situations was shown.


United Nations International Peace Vigil 

September 21, 2010 marks yet another important day in the lives of every individual on the globe as we celebrate the International Day of Peace Vigil to observe the “Global Cease Fire”.
Ghana also marks the founder’s day as each and every Ghanaian celebrate the 101 bir5th day of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.
The African Centre for Peace Building celebrates the United Nations international Day of Peace, September 21, 2010 at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST)-Kumasi. The event as hosted by Peace Fellowship Network-KNUST with total participants of 219 students.
Speeches were delivered by Rev. Paul Boafo (KNUST Protestant Chaplain) and chairman of the event, Dr. Ali Bukari- Lecturer KNUST, Emmanuel Senyo Kumedzina, Executive Director-AFCOPB and the President of KNUST Peace Fellowship Network.
There were representatives from the Muslim Community –lead by the KNUST Chief Imam, Catholic Chaplain –lead by the senior catechist.
A prayer sections lead by the religious groups present, two munities “Global Cease Fire” was observed preceding lightening of candle.


Rural Peace Project 2011Rural Peace Project-RPP 2010

The project seeks to instill a culture of peace building among rural inhabitants in select communities in the Upper West, Northern, Volta, and Eastern Regions of Ghana whilst assisting the some deprived rural schools (Junior High and Senior High Schools) with Teaching and learning activities.
The projects is focusing on providing education in schools and within rural communities, form “Peace Fellowship Network-a youth wing of the Centre” in the schools whist assisting with teaching various subjects.
The project is utilizing 33 volunteers who are students and members of Peace Fellowship Network from KNUST, Legon and UDS. Each volunteer participated in a training program at the beginning if the program. This training program aims at providing peace education skills, effective teaching and learning skills and leadership skills to the volunteers.


Community Peace EducationCommunity Peace Education for Adult and Children in Kpando District, June 2010

We also carried house to house and church to church peace education exercise. The project was embraced by the community people at Wusuta and was generally successful. Over 73 households and six churches visited in the community. A 'Peace Walk' at Wusuta, July 16, 2010 was also organized to crown the project. The walk drew both young and adults.


Farm for Peace Project and Community Peace Education, Mampong Municipal and Ejura-Sekyedumase Districts. March 2010

Farmers in the Mampong Municipality and Ejura-Sekyedumasse District Assemblies have been educated on how to use dialogue in resolving their conflicts. The project also aims at providing education to the farmers on how to live in peaceful coexistence with each other. They were taken through number of conflict situations that led to war and claiming lives, properties of people in Africa.
In the evenings, videos of the wars situations are shown to them after which the video was interpreted in Twi (indigenous). The video was to create the awareness of the effects of war and violence on the human race in the world.
In all, twelve communities (Sekruwa , Bonosu, Bosomkyekye, Aboantem, Ejura, Sekyedumase, Adujuen, Bayerenkontas, Mininqaso, Woraso, Sataso, Atonsuoja) in the two districts.
These communities visited are dominated by settlers who have migrated from areas that are experiencing sporadic tribal conflicts. it therefore the wish of the Centre to educate the farmers not to migrates with those conflicts but they should be the thing of the past and forgive each other as they come to settle in a different community.
The farmers were also reregistered and provided with farm inputs- herbicides, spraying machines, farm boots, and services of a tractor among others. This was done in partnership with ADPL Farming Scheme to improve their livelihood.




Our Volunteers' slogan:- Volunteer: ,make somebody happy !

P. O. Box 1420, Os-Accra, Ghana-West Africa
Tel: (+233) 205 544 540, 540 816 106, 249 155 003
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