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Volunteers' Field Reports
Rural Peace Project Volunteers' Reports (May 20 to August 8, 2010)
Wusuta Volunteers' Report, VR
Islamic Senior High UE/R
Paga Junior High A - UE/R
1. Gloria M. Papanko's Report 1. Suntaa Konongini's Report 1. Daniel Kwesi Kaba's Report
2. Patricia Kwarteng's Report 2. Felix T. Balsab's Report  
3. Gifty Nunana Agbenyaga' Report  
Taviefe Senior High V/R
Gambaga Girls Senior N/R
1. Cletus Helley Kudzo's Report
Toupare Volunteers' Report, UE/R
1. Nurudeen A. Mohammed's Report  
1. Adrews Dery's Report  
2. Isaac Dery's Report
Akatsi Sec. Tech. V/R
1. Sabina Agusah's Report
3. Paalo Cosmas' Report 1. Richard Atakpa's Report 2. Gershon Degah's Report
4. Gadaar Richard's Report   3. Bernard Owusu's Report
5. Tadoh George's Report
Ayagitam Junior High UW/R
4. Francis Bempong's Report
  1. Gladys Ayaga's Report 5. Abraham Duodu's Report
Vesec Volunteers' Report, V/R    
1. Eric Kwasi Babuh's Report
St. ANNS JHS, Bongo
Sandema Junior High, UE/R
2. Alhaji Abubakar Adams' Report 1.God fred Abugah Pwawura's Report 1. Hermans Ayarik's Report
3. John Evans Barnes' Report    
Leklebi Senior High School, V/R
Anfoega Junior High V/R
Anlo Awormefia Senior High V/R 1. Ametefe Prosper's Report 1. Francis Kumah's Report
1. Eric Nukpezah's Report 2. Gligbe Nyanye's Report 2. Edwin Warden Wuadom's Report
Three Town Senior High V/R Salaga Senior High, N/R Nsawam Senior High, E/R
1. Jonathan Ashigbui's Report 1. Rashida Alhasan's Report 1. Mark Jole Nyandey's Report
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