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The Web 4 Peace is a project designed by the ICT Department of The African Centre for Peace Building-AFCOPB to provide website base support to young but legally registered active NGO's in Africa.

The project seeks to develop and manage website for NGO's who do not have the skills and other resources to enable them acquired a website. It  would also provide training for staff (s) of the subscribers who could manage the site after development.

The Centre has noticed with great concern the low level of technology adaptation that still remains an issue among many Africans in this 21st Century. It is in this direction that the Centre seeks to bring web based technology to young NGO's in Africa which would enhance their access and determination of their works and other information to the general public.

1. Terms and Conditions.   

  • Subscriber must sign MoU with AFCOPB
  • AFCOPB designs website for the subscriber (NGO's, association etc.)
  • AFCOPB manages the website for subscriber at most one year if so wishes by subscriber or AFCOPB lives management of the site to the subscriber - if so wishes
  • AFCOPB trains a staff of subscriber as a web developer and manager
  • Website is completed by WPP Coordinator at most two weeks from the day of signing this MOU
  • The subscriber must acknowledge AFCOPB on its web site as ‘This website Development is Sponsored by African Centre for Peace Building’ tagged with its logo and linked to AFCOPB’s website. This must appear at the left or right hand side bottom of subscriber's website (Home page) and also on its partner’s page. (click here to see sample)
  • Subscriber awards certificate of completion of Web Designing Contract to AFCOPB
  • Subscribe owns copyright of the Website

2. Payment

  • Designing is sponsored by AFCOPB
  • Cost of Maintenance and management for one year is sponsored by AFCOPB
  • Domain name is purchase by AFCOPB and paid for by YPB-thus if not have a domain name
  • Hosting fee is paid by subscriber (per year) to AFCOPB through AFCOPB WPP Account
  • Subscriber pays a subscription fees to AFCOPB through AFCOPB WPP Account. Amount:-refer to subscription form (this does not include domain name, and annual hosting fees)
3. Eligibility for benefiting from Web for Peace Project  

Subscriber must be:

  • Active non-profit making organization in Africa.
  • Active Civil society or association in Africa
  • Registered entity in residing territory
  • Pledge commitment to promoting peace and development, human rights, lab our and environment issues.

For any other enquiry, contact the web4peace Coordinator: Richard Ansah

Email or

NB: Volunteers also needed as Website Developers: click here for more information or wrtite to





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