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The Youth Development Fund



Youth Development Fund (YDF) is established by the African Centre for Peace Building to provide support to the youth in the fields of:

1. Educational Support Fund:

To give financial assistance to needy but brilliant students in basic schools, Junior High, Senior High Schools and University. The Centre would also lobby for scholarships for the students who need assistance.

Many students in Ghana for instance become school trop out due to poverty and lack of financial supports. Some had to hawk on the streets to make a living and pay their school fees. In our universities in the county for instance many students face serious academic challenges due to lack of funds. In KNUST to be specific out of about twenty thousand (20,000) students (both local and foreign) over eight thousand (8,000) known student face financial problems. Its is well proven that out of the 8,000 students that face financial problem, 80 percent of these face serious academic crises. Some of these who are sacked due to poor and others become university school drop out ...students' welfare survey conducted by Emmanuel K. Senyo Kumedzina, 2008-09.

The Quivers and SRC has established some funds (Students' Financial Services and KBN Fund respective) but the situation still keep increasing.

2. Agriculture and Environment: -Youth in Agriculture and Afforestation, Ghana (YAAG)

This is encourage the youth in agribusiness (to ensure food security in Africa) and environmental friendly project (Rural Roads Afforestation). The sector would also provide about 1000 jobs for the youth since since availability of jobs is one of the the major problem facing the youth.

The youth would volunteer on the project with pay during internships. The Centre and YiAAG has secured 500acres of land for the project. read more about the concept and help fund the project.

3. Welfare Services Fund: Is to support members of Peace Fellowship Network with general welfare service.


Young Star Group-Ghana
Youth in Agriculture & Afforestation-Gh
Agro Tropical Technologies Ltd.

You can support this vision by donating in to the fund




"In peace sons bury fathers, but war violates the order of nature, and fathers bury sons." - Herodotus

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